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The Great Debates: Islamic Debate (Complete)

Duke University Professor of Religion and Islamic Studies Ebrahim Moosa leads a panel discussion on Shari'a and Islamic law. more

Sri Lanka's Civil War (Complete)

Journalists and documentarians present and assess both the Sri Lankan government and international community's perspectives on Sri Lanka's decades-long sectarian conflict. more
The Great Debates: Islamic Debate- Speaker Bios
Professor Ebrahim Moosa, Imam Khalid Latif and Imam Shamsi Ali more

McGregor: China Still Runs on 'Soviet Hardware'

This year's Bernard Schwartz Book Award Winner discusses the upcoming leadership transition in China. more

Richard McGregor: The Core of Chinese Power

This year's Bernard Schwartz Book Award Winner describes how China's Communist Party has evolved over the last 25 years. more

Fledgling Legal Systems in China and Vietnam

At the 2011 Bernard Schwartz Book Award luncheon, Richard McGregor and Tuong Vu describe the emerging legal frameworks in China and Vietnam. more

Richard McGregor: The Reaction Inside China

The 2011 Bernard Schwartz Book Award winner describes how his book has been received inside China's halls of power. more

Rabbis, Butchers, and a Great Tradition (Talmudic Debate)

Highlights of Asia Society's "Great Debates" talk between Moshe Halbertal and Jeff Israel on the traditions behind Talmudic debate. more

The Great Debates: Jewish Talmudic Debate (Complete)

Scholars Moshe Halbertal and Jeff Israel explore the traditions underlying Talmudic debate. more

Kyrgyzstan President: We Are a Different Country Now

The first woman President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Roza Otunbayeva, discusses transparency, natural resources and energy. more