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Chinese activist activist Chen Guangcheng (L) is seen in a wheelchair pushed by a nurse at the Chaoyang hospital in Beijing on May 2, 2012. (Jordan Pouille/AFP/GettyImages)

Interview: Former US Ambassador Speaks Out on 'Murky' Chen Guangcheng Saga

Former U.S. Ambassador to China Winston Lord says the U.S. government is likely doing everything it can to help ensure legal reformer Chen Guangcheng's rights. more
Arif Lohar in concert at Asia Society New York on Saturday, April 28, 2012. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

Watch: Complete NY Concert by Pakistani Living Legend Arif Lohar

Asia Society New York is still buzzing after last weekend's two sold-out performances by Pakistan's beloved balladeer Arif Lohar. Relive the magic whenever you want with this complete video of the Saturday show. more

Excerpt: 'Dama Dam Mast Qalandar'

Arif Lohar and his ensemble perform what the Village Voice describes as a "traditional Sufi rave." more
Motoyuki Shibata at Asia Society New York in December 2010.

Interview: Translator Motoyuki Shibata on Manga, Murakami and Monkey Business

Japan's master translator, a one-man conduit between American and Japanese literature, shares his thoughts on both literary cultures. more

Concert Highlight: An Ecstatic Finish for Arif Lohar

Watch as the second of Arif Lohar's two performances at Asia Society New York reaches a delirious climax. more

Arif Lohar and Friends: Jugni Ji!

Watch: Arif Lohar and ensemble launch an epic rendition of "Alif Allah Chambey di Booti" onstage at Asia Society. more
A still from the trailer for HBO's 'East of Main Street: Small Talk.'

(Asian American) Kids Say the Darndest Things

Come to Asia Society New York on Wednesday, May 2, for a screening of the new HBO special 'East of Main Street: Small Talk,' which explores what it's like to be Asian American from the perspective of children. more

In Concert: Arif Lohar and Arooj Aftab (Complete)

Pakistan's Arif Lohar and his ensemble bring a packed house at Asia Society New York to its feet. more
This set of ruins in Taxila, Pakistan has been named one of Global Heritage Fund's 10 most endangered heritage sites in Asia. (Bay Ismoyo/AFP/Getty Images)

Photos: The 10 Most Endangered Heritage Sites in Asia

Some of Asia's most important heritage sites are under threat due to factors ranging from war to overdevelopment — here are Global Heritage Fund's 10 most endangered locations. more
Atlantic national correspondent James Fallows, author of "China Airborne: The Dream of Aviation in Emerging China."

Book Excerpt: 'China Airborne' by James Fallows

Veteran journalist James Fallows goes along for the ride in China's new "Wild West" of private aviation. more