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Worldwide Locations

New York

Director Q&A: Zhu Rikun on 'The Dossier'

Discussion following the screening of “The Dossier,” a documentary about the Tibetan activist writer Tsering Woeser. more

Director Q&A: J.P. Sniadecki on 'People's Park'

Filmmaker J.P. Sniadecki speaks with Angela Zito of New York University following the screening of his film People’s Park, co-directed with Libbie Dina Cohn. Introductory remarks by Sniadecki and Zito. more

Director Q&A: Jean-Jacques Annaud on 'Wolf Totem'

Discussion following the screening of Wolf Totem with film director Jean-Jacques Annaud moderated by Asia Society Film Curator La Frances Hui beginning with Annaud’s introductory remarks. more

Director Q&A: Ruby Yang on 'My Voice, My Life'

Discussion following a screening of the documentary 'My Voice, My Life,' directed by Ruby Yang, attended by the filmmaker and her documentary subjects Sio Fan Lam and Coby (Hei Ching) Wong. more

How Iran's Nuclear Deal is 'a Microcosm of the Broader Transition' it Faces

Iran's nuclear deal suggests an aging "generation of radicals" is losing ground to young moderates, says journalist Robin Wright. more

Iran and the U.S.: After the Nuclear Deal (Complete)

Amb. Frank Wisner, Karim Sadjadpour, Robin Wright, and Kevin Rudd discuss the Iran nuclear deal and what it means for the U.S.-Iran relationship and the future of regional relations. more

Announcing 'Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms'

Watch a special preview of the upcoming Asia Society season celebrating the exhibition 'Philippine Gold: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms.' more

India in APEC? Why Some Countries May Be 'Reluctant to Embrace' the Idea

India is anxious to join the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation, but experts say some countries, including the U.S., worry it could drag down the process of trade liberalization within the organization. more

India and APEC: Charting a Path to Membership (Complete)

Kevin Rudd, Ajay Banga, Shyam Saran, Alyssa Ayres, Fred Bergsten, and Chandrajit Banerjee discuss the advantages and impediments to India joining APEC. more

Chinese Mega City Chongqing's 'Battle Between Concrete and Nature'

Photographer Tim Franco shares images from Chinese mega city Chongqing and describes the "battle between concrete and nature" he observed. more