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Caroline Kennedy Breaks a Barrel of Sake

The U.S. Ambassador to Japan participated in a traditional kagami-biraki ceremony at Asia Society on Thursday. more

Caroline Kennedy Visits Asia Society (Complete)

The U.S. Ambassador to Japan toured Asia Society Museum's new exhibition Kamakura: Realism and Spirituality in the Sculpture of Japan more

Opening Lecture: Kamakura: Realism and Spirituality in the Sculpture of Japan (Complete)

Asia Society members enjoyed a lecture about the museum's new exhibition. more

Japan's New Security Posture: Implications for Asia and the World (Complete)

Shinsuke Sugiyama, the deputy foreign minister of Japan, discussed his country's evolving security situation in a conversation with Kevin Rudd. more

Yu-Jie Chen: Hong Kong-China Relationship Is 'Irrelevant' to Taiwan

The panelist explains why Taiwan does not plan to adopt a "one country, two systems" relationship with mainland China. more

Shen Wei on Using Nature in His Work

In this clip, the acclaimed choreographer and painter Shen Wei discusses how he incorporates nature into his work. more

The Taiwan Vote: A New Direction (Complete)

In a conversation moderated by Orville Schell, a distinguished panel discusses the consequences of Taiwan's recent elections. more

Shen Wei: Dance Strokes (Complete)

Choreographer, dancer, and visual artist Shen Wei discussed the relationship with painting and dance at Asia Society. more

The Sounds of Rez Abbasi

In this clip, Pakistani-born guitarist and composer Rez Abbasi demonstrates his signature blend of South Asian and jazz music and discusses how he developed his unique style. more