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Participants in an exchange between 9/11 and 3/11 survivors pose in Kaisezan Park, Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture with a steel origami crane in 2013. The crane was fashioned from World Trade Center wreckage and presented by the 9/11 Tribute Center on the first outreach trip in 2012. (9/11 Tribute Center)

From 9/11 to 3/11: How Survivors of Two Disasters Help Each Other Cope

Survivors of the September 11 terror attacks in the U.S. and the March 11, 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami have come together and charted new waters in post-trauma recovery. more
John Dicola (R) of the U.S. Navy assists in removing debris during a cleanup effort at the Misawa Fishing Port in Japan on March 14, 2011. Photo by Devon Dow. (Flickr/U.S. Pacific Fleet)

Book Excerpt: How Japan's 'National Nightmare' Became Part of Normal Politics

Did the 3/11 quake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown lead to any fundamental change in how Japan is run? more
Photographer Toshiya Watanabe captures the gradual decline of his hometown near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant eight months after a huge tsunami wreaked havoc on northeastern Japan. (Toshiya Watanabe)

Photos Show Japanese Town's Slow, Creeping Decline Months After Fukushima

Photographer Toshiya Watanabe captures the gradual decline of his hometown near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant after a huge tsunami devastated northeastern Japan. more
Richard Samuels (L) and the cover of his new book (R). (Richard Samuels)

Interview: Richard Samuels Says Japan Partisanship Worse After Earthquake

MIT professor Richard Samuels talks to Asia Society about his new book on politics in Japan in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of March 2011. more
A carpenter in Motoyoshi reconstructing a beer garden, from Chapter 3 of 'We Are All Radioactive.'

Interview: Bit by Bit, Filmmaker Shares a Crowd-Funded Story of Japan Rebuilding

One chapter at a time, through the power of crowd-funding, Lisa Katayama tells a story of rebuilding lives, and hope, in the tsunami-stricken town of Motoyoshi, Japan. more

A Hip Hop Dance Response to Japan's 2011 Disaster

Watch Japanese contemporary dancer and choreographer KENTARO!! perform his solo piece 'After Raining, It Will Be Sunny,' in an Asia Society India Centre event at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai last month. more

Video: Emperor's Speech Accompanies Unseen Footage of Japan Quake Zone

Haunting, evocative imagery from Japan's disaster area provides a context for the Emperor's address to the nation one year after the tsunami struck. more

James Zumwalt: Lessons from Japan's Calamity

U.S. official in charge of disaster relief after the March 2011 tsunami and nuclear disaster acknowledges, "There's always more that can be done." more

Japan: One Year Later (Complete)

A top U.S. official assesses the state of disaster relief and recovery in Japan, one year after the March 2011 tsunami and nuclear catastrophe. more