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women and gender

Asia Society's President Emerita sees hope for India's women in the new six-point manifesto released by a group of prominent activists. more

Lakshmi Puri and fellow panelists cite factors impeding women's professional success in Asian countries, such as poverty and cultural traditions. more

Lakshmi Puri, Deborah Gillis, Kaoriko Kuge, and Nobuko Sasae explore how women have affected Asia's workforce in the 21st century. more

Dressed in a bright pink sari and armed with a bamboo stick, 55-year old Sampat Pal has become the unlikely leader of a grassroots movement for women's rights in India. more

A powerful photo exhibition helps educate the world about the plight of women in Afghanistan. more

At Asia Society's most recent WLNA summit, in New Delhi, participants learned how to capitalize on human variety to create teams that work effectively. more

A website using illustrations and short poems to encourage Singaporeans to produce more babies invites scorn and mockery on the web. more

Pakistan's "Malala moment” may have passed, but there's no telling what effect a Nobel win would have on a polarized country. more

Indian salt worker Walbai Ayyubbhai, 70, carries a rake at a salt pan on the eve of International Women's Day in the Santalpur region of Little Rann of Kutch, India on March 7, 2013. (Sam Panthaky/AFP/Getty Images) more

In the fast-changing Asia-Pacific region, dramatic improvements in women's rights have taken place. But many challenges still remain. more