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A South Korean woman uses her mobile phone to buy a product at the virtual retail shop at Seolleung Station in Seoul. (Park Ji-Hwan/AFP/Getty Images)

Gallery: Maps and Photos Show Asia Does Mass Transit Bigger, Faster, Better

A compilation of subway maps and photos shows the dramatic development of mass transit in Asian cities over recent years. more
Author Chandran Nair speaks at Asia Society Texas Center's ConocoPhillips Speaker Series in Houston on Nov. 15, 2011. (Asia Society Texas Center)
Chandran Nair: Unrestrained Consumerism Can't Be Asia's Future
Think tank founder and author Chandran Nair urged Asia’s political leadership to face hard truths and reject economic growth based on limitless consumption in favor of providing such basics as clean water, safe food, and sanitation. more
Highlights from Peter van der Veer's talk in Mumbai on Oct. 4, 2011. (5 min., 11 sec.)
Shanghai, Mumbai and Urban Realities
Differences between Shanghai and Mumbai reflect policies of their respective countries, argues Dutch expert. more
Green Anhui director Zhou Xiang. (Asia Society Northern California)
Zhou Xiang: Green Activism in China, 'The Grassroots Way'
Leading Chinese environmental activist says, "Most of all, NGOs in China need time." more
Weighing the transportation choices facing China, Senior Lecturer at MIT Frederick Salvucci describes the pernicious long-term effects of an automobile culture. (4 min., 15 sec.)
Greening the Chinese City: Automobiles Vs. the Rest
Can China's public transportation planning balance the rise in private car ownership in its cities? more
Re-cycling the Roads
A panel of experts discuss bicycle culture and policy in the U.S. and China. more
In Hong Kong on April 13, 2011, Rocco Yim discusses the lack of awareness about sound in Chinese architecture. (2 min., 12 sec.)
Remaking The Chinese City: Artistic Expression
Panelists explored the influence of the city on artistic expression. more
Al Busyra Basnur (L), Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia and Russell Leiman (R) at a pre-event reception in Houston on Feb. 8, 2011. (Asia Society Texas Center)
A Balancing Act: Resources, Livelihoods, and Indonesia's Environment
Indonesia's Komodo National Park exemplifies how hard it is to implement environmentally-friendly industry in underdeveloped regions. more
In New York on Jan. 5, architect Eugene Kohn and developer Vincent Lo cite positive recent trends in China's urban development. (3 min., 12 sec.)
Remaking the Chinese City: Expert Opinion on Shanghai's Development
China's cities are growing at a historically unprecedented rate - but at what cost to the quality of life? more
Mayor Liu Handong of Zhenjiang, China in New York on Dec. 1, 2010.
Designing Sustainable Cities for China
American and Chinese architects and planners, along with mayors from both countries, assess urban growth in the early 21st century. more