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water and food security

A photo taken on November 16, 2011 shows Chinese boats being chased after alleged illegal fishing in South Korean waters in the Yellow Sea. (Dong-A Ilbo/AFP/Getty Images)
Averting China's Fishing Wars
Escalating fishing conflicts are usually attributed to unsettled territorial and maritime disputes, but these conflicts are also deeply rooted in China's worsening fishing crisis. more
Via videoconferencing, Irena Salina joins an Asia Society India Centre audience in Mumbai on May 3, 2012.
FLOW Director: 'People Need to Fall in Love with Water Again'
Award-winning director Irena Salina joined Asia Society India Centre for a screening of her documentary 'FLOW: For the Love of Water.' more
(Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)
'The Race for Water is Against Ourselves'
Water shortages in India are chronic and critical, warn panelists in Mumbai. more
Stonyfield launches "Just Eat Organic" web campaign.
Stonyfield CEO calls for more demand of organic food
Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield, calls for worldwide movement to demand organic food. more
Panelists Achim Dobermann (L), and Debashish Mitra (R), speak at Asia Society India Centre on Food Security in Asia. (Asia Society India Centre)
Never an Empty Bowl: Launch of Food Security Task Force Report
Asia Society India Centre launches Food Security Task Force Report with panelists Achim Dobermann and Debashish Mitra. more
Expert Robert Zeigler discusses food security in Hong Kong on Nov. 29, 2010. (1 min., 34 sec.)
Bringing the Food Security Message to Hong Kong
Private, public sector partners launch 'Never an Empty Bowl' report in a new venue. more
Professor Snow Barlow, Agriculture and Food Systems; Dr. Robert Zeigler, International Rice Research Institute; Professor Craig Pearson, Director, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, in Melbourne, 29 July 2010. (M. Hinze, Asialink / Asia Society AustralAsia Centre)
A Second Green Revolution
Rice expert calls on Australia to help foster the next generation of agricultural breakthroughs. more
Focusing on rice will be the key to solving widespread hunger in Asia.
Never an Empty Bowl: Averting a Food Crisis in Asia
Task Force report authors offer concrete steps towards reducing hunger in Asia. more
Task Force principal advisor C. Peter Timmer shares report findings at the Ford Foundation in New York City on Sept. 27, 2010. (2 min., 32 sec.)
Partnering for Food Security in Asia
A newly released Asia Society/IRRI Task Force urges partnerships to address hunger and poverty in Asia. more
Never an Empty Bowl: Sustaining Food Security in Asia trailer (1 min., 35 sec.)
Never an Empty Bowl: Sustaining Food Security in Asia
Asia Society and the International Rice Research Institute jointly developed a plan of action to address food insecurity and poverty in Asia, based on input from policy and scientific authorities. more