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water and food security

Escalating fishing conflicts are usually attributed to unsettled territorial and maritime disputes, but these conflicts are also deeply rooted in China's worsening fishing crisis. more

Irena Salina Joins an Audience in Mumbai with Asia Society India Centre

Award-winning director Irena Salina joined Asia Society India Centre for a screening of her documentary 'FLOW: For the Love of Water.' more

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Task Force report authors offer concrete steps towards reducing hunger in Asia. more

Asia Society and the International Rice Research Institute jointly developed a plan of action to address food insecurity and poverty in Asia, based on input from policy and scientific authorities. more

Torrential rains have created the region's worst flooding in 80 years. more

Experts discuss the impact of climate change on food security, and what can be done. more

Leadership group discusses comprehensive water security strategy to avoid regional conflicts in Asia. more

Do we need another "green revolution" in agriculture production to address the global food crisis? more

The global food crisis is putting the lives of millions under serious threat. What can be done to to stop it? more