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Climate Change: A Case of Boiling Frog Syndrome?

Photographer and mountaineer David Breashears describes how he finally became aware of the effects of climate change in the Himalaya. more

Climate Change at High Altitudes (Complete)

Photographers Ian Teh and David Breashears present their images from the frontiers of global warming in a discussion with Orville Schell. more
David Breashears: Ice Gallery, Main Rongbuk Glacier, Mount Everest, 2011. (GlacierWorks)

Watch: A Climate Change Photo Exhibit Atop Mount Everest [Interview]

Mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears treks up Mount Everest to display photographs of coal mining and melting glaciers at 17,723 feet. more
Yang Junpo, Pingdingshan, Henan Province, China, 1996.

'Coal + Ice' Exhibition Opens in Beijing

The Center on US-China Relations photography exhibition "Coal + Ice," documenting the effect of coal-fueled climate change on Himalayan glaciers, opens in Beijing. more

'Coal + Ice' Exhibit Opens in Beijing

Take a look behind the installation and opening of the 'Coal+Ice' exhibit at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing. more
The Melt, a multimedia experience explaining the effects of climate change to the ecosystem and people of Asia.
The Melt
As the glaciers of the Himalayas melt, changes occur and our environment responds as physics dictate. As Bill KcKibben puts it, "Nature doesn't meet us half way." more