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us-china center

Pool/Getty Images

Orville Schell on China's Crackdown

The scholar details worsening repression under President Xi Jinping. more

COAL+ICE in Shanghai

Coal+Ice takes over a subterranean would-be parking garage in Shanghai, to create a beautiful and unique documentary photography and video exhibition. more

Documentary Q & A: Conservationist Sun Shan

The former Director of the Shanshui Conservation Center discusses traditional rural communities whose way of life is at risk in modern-day China. more
David Breashears: Ice Gallery, Main Rongbuk Glacier, Mount Everest, 2011. (GlacierWorks)

Watch: A Climate Change Photo Exhibit Atop Mount Everest [Interview]

Mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears treks up Mount Everest to display photographs of coal mining and melting glaciers at 17,723 feet. more

Melissa Chiu: New US-China Forum

Asia Society Museum Director Melissa Chiu previews the upcoming US-China Forum on the Arts and Culture in Beijing. more

Behind the Scenes: CNN at Tiananmen Square

Mike Chinoy, CNN's first Beijing correspondent in 1987 discusses what happened behind the scenes when CNN was ordered off the air Tiananmen Square. more