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Margaret Ng: Taiwan Sees Hong Kong as a 'Cautionary Tale'

Hong Kong activist discusses the "exciting" Occupy Central protests and how Hong Kongers should fight for true democracy and rule of law with everything they've got. more
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a member of the Global Cities Education Network (GCEN), an international learning community of city school systems in Asia and North America. more
An avid angler waits for the fish to bite at sunset on Lamma Island, Hong Kong on January 3, 2015. (Os Ishmael/Flickr)

Photo of the Day: Waiting for the Fish to Bite in Hong Kong

An avid angler waits for the fish to bite at sunset on Lamma Island, Hong Kong on January 3, 2015. (Os Ishmael/Flickr) more
Runners in masks file past a soldier during the Beijing Marathon. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Ten of the Biggest Stories from China in 2014

The online magazine of Asia Society's Center on U.S.-China Relations reflects on its most significant stories, conversations, and multimedia of the past year. more
Japanese-born, Brooklyn-based jazz trumpeter and composer Takuya Kuroda brought his ensemble to Asia Society New York on March 8, 2014. (Elena Olivo/Asia Society)

2014: Asia Society's Year in Pictures

Please join us for a look back at 2014 with this photo gallery, capturing the range of beauty and connection that happens every day at Asia Society across the globe. more
Team Japan's fate at the World Cup in Brazil was just one of the predictions on which our fearless forecaster whiffed this year. (Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images)

Win Some, Lose Some: We Grade Our Forecast for Asia in 2014

Looking back at the predictions he made a year ago for Asia's 2014, Asia Society's Tom Nagorski assesses his ratio of hits to misses. more
Protest site in Hong Kong on October 18, 2014. (Pasu Au Yang/ Flickr)

Interview: Johns Hopkins Professor Views Hong Kong Protests as 'Defense of Dignity'

Expanding on his remarks at a recent Asia Society panel, Ho-fung Hung argues that Hong Kong's younger generation sees itself as having "nothing to lose." more
(Lien Bryan/flickr)

Asia Society Presents! Common Practice 21C: Classical, Contemporary, and Cross-Cultural Music

This unique performance explores classical and contemporary music from the United States, China, Taiwan, and beyond. more

'Urban Asia' Artist Captures Growth and History of Asian Cities

Artist Kirk Pedersen shares his experience championing less-seen views of Asian cities. more