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Hong Kong S.A.R.

Wine Boom in Hong Kong
Join Asia Society New York for a food and wine reception and wine tasting to celebrate Hong Kong's emergence as a regional wine hub. more
Nan M. Sussman describes what makes residents of Hong Kong unique in Washington on March 22, 2011. (4 min., 27 sec.)
Home, Abroad, and the Space Between
An academic account of "reverse migration' evokes an emotional response from a DC audience. more
Expert Randel Carlock discusses the importance of entrepreneurial families in the 21st century at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center on Dec. 10, 2010. (2 min., 39 sec.)
A 21st Century of Entrepreneurial Families
Randel Carlock outlines what family businesses provide a society that ordinary companies don't. more
Romnesh Lamba, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing Development at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. (Asia Society India Centre)
The Internationalization of the RMB
China's strategy to make the RMB an international reserve currency with convertibility. more
Smith College President Carol Christ addresses the importance of achieving a work-life balance in Hong Kong on Nov. 15, 2010. (1 min., 25 sec.)
Educating a New Generation of Asian Women Leaders
in Hong Kong, the president of Smith College touts the value of liberal arts education. more
In New York on Nov. 8, Xu Xi shares how her fascination with the hardship of single mothers' lives led to her new book Habit of a Foreign Sky. (1 min., 50 sec.)
Habit of a Foreign Sky: Finding Identity After Loss
Xu Xi's latest novel explores personal tragedy through the eyes of a powerful businesswoman. more
In Melbourne on Oct. 6, 2010, Simon Galpin offers a reassuring view of Hong Kong's status as a regional financial capital. (4 min., 43 sec.)
Investing in China? Don't Forget About Hong Kong
Simon Galpin says Shanghai's rise poses no threat to the region's traditional financial capital. more
Novelist Xu Xi reads an excerpt from Habit of a Foreign Sky before an appreciative Anna Sherman in Hong Kong on Oct. 7, 2010. (1 min., 53 sec.)
Xu Xi: Habit of a Foreign Sky
Xu Xi reads from and discusses her latest book, which was short-listed for the inaugural Man Asian Literary Prize. more
David Breashears offers side-by-side comparisons documenting the loss of ice on the Himalayan glacier at Asia Society New York on July 14, 2010. (3 min., 13 sec.)
The Vanishing Himalayan Glaciers
David Breashears, Bill McKibben, and other experts discuss the alarming loss of ice on the Himalayan glaciers. more
The "Aspirasians" trailer highlights films in this year's Summer Film Series. (4 min., 47 sec.)
Aspirasians: Asia Society Summer Film Series 2010
This year's films draw attention to the plight of the region's people and their remarkable valor in the face of adversity. more