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Asia Society's Jamie Metzl (L) shakes hands with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (R) at Waldorf-Astoria on September 22, 2010. (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)
China-US Ties
Asia Society's Executive VP Jamie Metzl speaks with China Daily. more
Indian women work at a fluorescent light assembly line at an Ajanta plant in Morbi, some 265 km from Ahmedabad, on March 7, 2010. (Sam Panthaky/AFP/Getty Images)
Women and the Workplace
One of the chief engines to the success of India and China in the global economy is educated women. more
Frank Lavin explains how the US Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo emphasizes what Americans and Chinese have in common. (1 min., 48 sec.)
The Shanghai Expo: Inside 'The World's Largest Event'
The 2010 Shanghai Expo has probably been attended by more people than any event in human history. more
A bank clerk counts a stack of US dollars together with stacks of 100 yuan notes at a bank in Huaibei, China on May 20, 2010. (AFP/AFP/Getty Images)
The China Investment Challenge
The US government should be actively courting Chinese investment, not scaring it away, according to Orville Schell. more
Former Houston Ballet star Li Cunxin discusses his journey from an impoverished childhood in China to the pinnacle of his artistic profession in Houston on Aug. 1, 2010. Li was in his former hometown to promote a new movie based on his bestselling memoir Mao’s Last Dancer. (Jeff Fantich Photography)
From Peasant Boy to Ballet Star
Li Cunxin, "Mao's Last Dancer," recounts his extraordinary story prior to the launch of a new film based on his life. more
Stephen Joske discusses the future of Australian-Chinese relations, July 22, 2010.  (1 min, 58 sec)
For Australia and China, The Long View
Expert foresees closer economic ties between Australia and China, regardless of who's in charge. more
NEW YORK, July 21, 2010 - Henry Luce biographer Alan Brinkley describes the dream Luce never saw realized: a democratic, Westernized China. (1 min., 20 sec.)
On the Wrong Side of History
Madame Chiang-Kai Shek and Henry Luce's influence on US-China relations. more
David Breashears offers side-by-side comparisons documenting the loss of ice on the Himalayan glacier at Asia Society New York on July 14, 2010. (3 min., 13 sec.)
The Vanishing Himalayan Glaciers
David Breashears, Bill McKibben, and other experts discuss the alarming loss of ice on the Himalayan glaciers. more
Mount Everest and the Main Rongbuk Glacier, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. David Breashears, 2007. Image courtesy of the artist
Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya
July 13 - August 15, 2010 more
China's 100 yuan, or renminbi, notes, the largest denomination in Chinese currency. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)
China's 'Undervalued' Yuan
Jamie Metzl discusses a US Treasury report on the Chinese currency. more