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In New York on Jan. 11, director Peter Sellars relates John Adams's Nixon in China to Mozart and musical history. (2 min., 48 sec.)
Peter Sellars: 'Nixon in China' and the Power of Music
The legendary opera director argues, "Music doesn't soften the message, it deepens it." more
Nixon in China, Hu in America
In advance of his Metropolitan Opera debut, Peter Sellars speaks with Orville Schell about the past, present and future of US-China relations as well as the role of culture in this constantly evolving relationship. more
In New York on Jan. 10, 2011, Thomas Friedman asks whether the US, compared with China, has lost its "can-do" spirit in the early 21st century. (3 min., 34 sec.)
Friedman: We Envy China's 'Reaganism'
The influential New York Times pundit voices his frustration with America's current direction. more
In New York on Jan. 5, architect Eugene Kohn and developer Vincent Lo cite positive recent trends in China's urban development. (3 min., 12 sec.)
Remaking the Chinese City: Expert Opinion on Shanghai's Development
China's cities are growing at a historically unprecedented rate - but at what cost to the quality of life? more
China's New Media Landscape
挑战越大,就越显得需要他坚韧寻找解决方案的决心。 [Read the Chinese version of Orville Schell's remarks on the passing of the Ambassador and Special Adviser for Afghanistan and Pakistan.] more
Ambassador Holbrooke at the official opening of the Center on US-China Relations, September 2007. (Photo by Elsa Ruiz)
A Remembrance of Richard Holbrooke
The harder the challenge, the more it seemed to provoke his fierce determination to find a solution. more
A protester holds a Nobel Peace Prize replica in front of mural depicting jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo in Hong Kong on December 10, 2010. (Flickr user laihiu)
The International Human Rights System is Dead, China Killed It
China is asserting its growing power by abetting regimes that abuse human rights. more
Romnesh Lamba, Executive Vice President and Head of Marketing Development at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. (Asia Society India Centre)
The Internationalization of the RMB
China's strategy to make the RMB an international reserve currency with convertibility. more
Mayor Liu Handong of Zhenjiang, China in New York on Dec. 1, 2010.
Designing Sustainable Cities for China
American and Chinese architects and planners, along with mayors from both countries, assess urban growth in the early 21st century. more