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A performing monkey in Jakarta. (Ed Wray)

17 Stunning Photos of Indonesia's Performing Masked Monkeys

The Jakarta-based photographer Ed Wray profiles a cruel practice that has since been banned by the Indonesian government. more
The ‘Vertical University’ will provide youth new avenues of place-based education from Koshi Tappu to Kanchenjunga, linking the formal Government curriculum with indigenous knowledge. (Nirman Shrestha)

Photos: Creating a 25,000 foot 'Vertical University' in Nepal

Activist, lawyer, and rural-development worker Rajeev Goyal discusses an innovative plan to conserve Nepal's biodiversity. more
A jungle cat pokes its head out through a tall blades of grass in Gujarat, India on September 20, 2015. (Santanu Sen/Flickr)

Photo of the Day: On the Hunt in India

A jungle cat pokes its head out through a tall blades of grass in Gujarat, India on September 20, 2015. (Santanu Sen/Flickr) more

Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La: Panel Discussion (Complete)

Xi Zhinong, Mark Fletcher, and George Schaller discuss their new PBS documentary about the endangered Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys. more
A small family of snub-nosed monkeys. (Xi Zhinong)

Photos: The Mysterious Chinese Monkey That's 'as Endangered as the Panda'

A new documentary focuses on a rare species of snub-nosed monkey from the secluded mountain forests of Southern China that until recently was barely known to the outside world. more
Mei Lun and Mei Huan, the twin giant panda cubs (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) at Zoo Atlanta. (Joel Sartore Photography)

Slideshow: National Geographic Lensman Gets Up Close and Personal with Asia's Endangered Animals

Photographer Joel Sartore is on a quest to document every captive species on earth. Here's a look at just a few of the 4,000 he's photographed so far. more
A tiger cub. (zeekwong Chan/flickr)

Photos: On Global Tiger Day, a Look at Legendary Animal's Role in Asian Cultures

Today is Global Tiger Day. In honor of the occasion, we took a look at the tiger's role in three different Asian cultures and what needs to be done to ensure this legendary beast's survival. more
One-day-old baby Jamilah at Chester Zoo, in Chester, England, on January 24, 2011. Because the gestation period for elephants is nearly two years, babies are born already able to stand and walk, though gaining full control of their feet and trunks can take up to nine months. (Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images)

Photos: Asian Elephants! Awe-Inspiring, Adorable, and Endangered

The Asian elephant can be awe-inspiring and adorable, but human activity threatens its habitat. more
The Mongolian Gobi Bear is one of the world's most endangered animal species. (Carlos Alperin/

Why the World Should Help Mongolia Save Its Endangered Gobi Bear

From Mongolia, a plea for the world community to join forces with the Mongolian government to save an animal on the brink of extinction. more