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South Asia

Village, Kaghan, Pakistan. (Umair Mohsin/Flickr)
"Things on the Ground" and Coalition-Building
Housing activist Somsook Boonyabancha on the value of learning from the bottom up. more
China is the largest manufacturer in the world. (DCvision2006/Flickr)
Manufacturing Malady: The Hidden Cost of a Product
Who or what is responsible for environmental harm caused by manufacturing practices? more
Pollution and power lines in northern China. (AdamCohn/Flickr)
Appetite for Energy: Working Together
How can countries balance building a strong economy with protecting the environment? more
New Ways of Speaking, and Thinking, About Asia
Arif Dirlik: 'The enhanced global visibility of peoples of Asian descent suggests that there is no outer boundary to the notion of Asia.' more
A beggar in Chennai, India
Poor Want a Job, Not Benevolence
About half of the world's population now lives on less than $2 a day. more
The Quest for Peace and Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific and Beyond
Speech by H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea. more
Asia Women's Next Obstacle: AIDS
This fight against AIDS must be fought on many fronts, but it must begin with broader engagement of women. more
"Get your laws away from my uterus." (bitchplz/Flickr)
Women of the World
Laws and policies affecting women of South Asia. more
071110-A-2013C-074 A paratrooper from 1st Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, watches as an aircraft flies overhead while dropping supplies in Paktika Province, Afghanistan, Nov 9. (soldiersmediacenter/Flickr)
The Global Perspective on the War on Terror
Experts discuss and offer critical viewpoint of US foreign policy. more
A woman suffering from HIV/AIDS uses a stick to walk back to her bed in hospital. Cambodia. (© Masaru Goto / World Bank)
Women's and Girls' Health in South Asia: Challenges for Global Policy
Experts discuss the critical challenges that lie ahead in securing reproductive health rights for women and girls in South Asia. more