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South Asia

Pakistani Rangers (in black) and Indian Border Security Force personnel perform the daily retreat ceremony on the India-Pakistan border at Wagah in Dec. 2008. (Narinder Nanu/AFP/Getty Images)
India Reacts to Pakistan Floods
Did India's press revert to traditional biases in covering this summer's natural disaster? more
L to R: John Halpern, Sadanand Dhume, and Justine Hardy at Asia Society New York on Apr. 5, 2010.
Kashmir's Damaged Psyche
Journalist Justine Hardy assesses the possibilities for rehabilitation and renewal in Kashmir. more
Modern statue of Aryabhata, astronomer and mathematician in ancient India. Photo: Mukerjee.
Indian Mathematical Achievements
Students will come to learn about Indian advancements in math and how they were affected by Indian culture and religion. Through cross-cultural analysis students will examine math and science advancements in India and other parts of the wo more
US Ambassador to Bangladesh James Moriarty speaking at the Metropolitan Club in Washington, Oct. 15, 2009. (Yuchin Kate Peng/Asia Society)
Bangladesh On Steady Development Path, Says US Ambassador
Bangladesh is growing fast, but the US ambassador has a warning: some of the old Bangladeshi ills are still there. more
Ambassador Howard Schaffer (left) with Jack Garrity and Ambassador Teresita Schaffer at the Woman's National Democratic Club on Oct. 14, 2009. (Terrence Smith / Asia Society)
Solution for Kashmir Conflict Unlikely, Ambassadors Say
Two former US ambassadors to South Asia discuss Washington's relationship to the subcontinent. more
Gauri and Prithvi: Nuclear South Asia
Help students understand tensions in South Asia that has led to a nuclear stand-off. Its complex issues and deep roots of conflict offer great material for students to weigh perspectives, role-play, and apply understanding to other foreign more
Tabla. Illustration: Jayesh/
World Rhythms: Tabla
Learn about a double drum that's found in cultures throughout the world. Through this flexible lesson, learn about the mechanics, methods, and musical qualities of a tabla by creating a "tube-la" in class. more
Art from Dunhuang showing a blend of artistic and cultural styles. Image: gongfu_king/
Comparative Religious Teachings
Students analyze translated texts from Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and other religious books. more
A NATO helicopter bringing relief supplies to Kashmir, Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake. (Rik Vanoijen/Flickr)
Connecting Resource Conservation to Economic Development
Juniper Neill speaks about her work on environmental issues as a Natural Resources Management Officer in the Foreign Service of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), part of the U.S. government. more
Child laborers in India
Child Workers in Asia
The CWA now brings together over 50 groups working on child labor in 14 countries. more