Worldwide Locations

Worldwide Locations

East Asia

Art from Dunhuang showing a blend of artistic and cultural styles. Image: gongfu_king/
Comparative Religious Teachings
Students analyze translated texts from Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and other religious books. more
For sale along the Silk Roads. What's your product? Image: Gusjer/
Trade in the Silk Road Cities
Students learn about the vast Eurasian trade network--and create a modern-day marketing plan to move products from China to the Middle East. Culture, economics, satellite mapping, "global street smarts" come together in this activity. more
Human failings such as prejudices, fear, and ignorance can aggravate a pandemic. (Nicholas C. Liu/Flickr)
Pandemics: Globalization Bites
Can the wealthy and the healthy afford to ignore the wellbeing of the poor and the sick? more

China Puzzle

We give you clues, you put China together geographically. Up for the challenge? more
Chongqing: China's gateway to the west. (Daniel Sanderson/Flickr)
A Tour of China's Cities
China is a country of immense variety in its terrain and geography, but the story of modern China is often told through its cities. Learn more about fifteen of China's most important cities. more

Water: Asia's Next Challenge

Asia's Next Challenge water interactive. more