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East Asia

Art from Dunhuang showing a blend of artistic and cultural styles. Image: gongfu_king/
Comparative Religious Teachings
Students analyze translated texts from Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and other religious books. more
For sale along the Silk Roads. What's your product? Image: Gusjer/
Trade in the Silk Road Cities
Students learn about the vast Eurasian trade network--and create a modern-day marketing plan to move products from China to the Middle East. Culture, economics, satellite mapping, "global street smarts" come together in this activity. more
Adina working on a Habitat for Humanity project in rural China. (Adina Matisoff)
Building Homes; Breaking Barriers
An American volunteer in China learns that raising awareness can have a lasting impact. more
A street scene in Japan. (Samxmeg/iStockPhoto)
Promoting Women’s Interests in Corporate Japan
Mitsuru Claire Chino talks about her law career and her work promoting women’s interests in corporate Japan. more
Child laborers in India
Child Workers in Asia
The CWA now brings together over 50 groups working on child labor in 14 countries. more
Village, Kaghan, Pakistan. (Umair Mohsin/Flickr)
"Things on the Ground" and Coalition-Building
Housing activist Somsook Boonyabancha on the value of learning from the bottom up. more
Students on a school outing in Tokyo. (Asia Society)
Teaching English in Japan
Jeni Washeleski talks about her experiences working with teachers as part of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET). more
China is the largest manufacturer in the world. (DCvision2006/Flickr)
Manufacturing Malady: The Hidden Cost of a Product
Who or what is responsible for environmental harm caused by manufacturing practices? more
Pollution and power lines in northern China. (AdamCohn/Flickr)
Appetite for Energy: Working Together
How can countries balance building a strong economy with protecting the environment? more
New Ways of Speaking, and Thinking, About Asia
Arif Dirlik: 'The enhanced global visibility of peoples of Asian descent suggests that there is no outer boundary to the notion of Asia.' more