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Central Asia

The Melt, a multimedia experience explaining the effects of climate change to the ecosystem and people of Asia.
The Melt
As the glaciers of the Himalayas melt, changes occur and our environment responds as physics dictate. As Bill KcKibben puts it, "Nature doesn't meet us half way." more
Task Force principal advisor C. Peter Timmer shares report findings at the Ford Foundation in New York City on Sept. 27, 2010. (2 min., 32 sec.)
Partnering for Food Security in Asia
A newly released Asia Society/IRRI Task Force urges partnerships to address hunger and poverty in Asia. more
Excerpt: The Alim Qasimov Ensemble in concert at Asia Society New York on Mar. 12, 2010. (3 min., 57 sec.)
Alim Qasimov, Innovator in Tradition
Azerbaijan's great singer explains the mugham tradition to a Western audience. more
Tabla. Illustration: Jayesh/
World Rhythms: Tabla
Learn about a double drum that's found in cultures throughout the world. Through this flexible lesson, learn about the mechanics, methods, and musical qualities of a tabla by creating a "tube-la" in class. more
Art from Dunhuang showing a blend of artistic and cultural styles. Image: gongfu_king/
Comparative Religious Teachings
Students analyze translated texts from Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu and other religious books. more
For sale along the Silk Roads. What's your product? Image: Gusjer/
Trade in the Silk Road Cities
Students learn about the vast Eurasian trade network--and create a modern-day marketing plan to move products from China to the Middle East. Culture, economics, satellite mapping, "global street smarts" come together in this activity. more
Part of a 6th century cave painting along the silk road showing a celestial musician. Image: Maijishan Caves Art Research Institute.
Music from the Silk Roads
World music, pattern recognition, and simple math come together in this hands-on activity. Young students learn about a popular instrument found along the Silk Roads, from China to the Middle East. more
In 2006, PSI estimates that its programs directly prevented more than 218,000 HIV infections. (MentalArt/iStockPhoto)
Marketing Healthy Behavior
Chris Jones talks about working on global health issues from HIV/AIDS to unsafe water in Southeast Asia. more
Child laborers in India
Child Workers in Asia
The CWA now brings together over 50 groups working on child labor in 14 countries. more
Village, Kaghan, Pakistan. (Umair Mohsin/Flickr)
"Things on the Ground" and Coalition-Building
Housing activist Somsook Boonyabancha on the value of learning from the bottom up. more