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Mohamad Junaid: Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir

Kashmiri anthropologist Mohamad Junaid speaks about the relationship between the Hindu and Muslim communities in the disputed valley. more

Kashmir: The Case for Freedom (Complete)

Arundhati Roy, Pankaj Mishra and Mohamad Junaid argue for Kashmiri independence. more

Mohamad Junaid: Kashmiris Would Not Have an Army

Kashmiri anthropologist Mohamad Junaid shares his vision of a possible future for Kashmir. more

Arundhati Roy: They Have the Right to Choose

Arguing for Kashmiri self-determination, author and activist Arundhati Roy says the conflict there underlies South Asia's wider tensions. more

Photo of the Day: Celebrating Eid in Nepal

A Nepalese Muslim performs congregational Eid al-Adha morning prayers at the Kashmiri Mosque in Kathmandu on November 7, 2011. more

Mohsin Din on Making Mistakes, Building Trust

A young Kashmiri American artist and musician describes his experiences leading childrens' workshops in Kashmir and Morocco. more