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Hassina Sherjan in New York on June 23, 2011.

Hassina Sherjan: U.S. Needs to Stay in Afghanistan Another '15, 20 Years'

Following Obama's troop drawdown timetable, Hassina Sherjan discusses what the U.S. must do before leaving Afghanistan. more
Panelists speaking at Asia Society Southern California's discussion on Afghanistan in Los Angeles on June 21, 2011.

Experts: Afghan 'Arab Spring' Would Lead to 'Anarchy and Chaos'

Asia Society Southern California held a panel discussion Tuesday to discuss the proposed troop drawdown. more
John D. Ciorciari speaks on the conflict between China and its neighbors with Asia Society.

John Ciorciari: 'Non-negligible Risk of War' in South China Sea

John D. Ciorciari has written a CNN opinion piece on China's conflict with Southeast Asian countries over the South China Sea. more

Michael O'Hanlon: U.S. Needs 'Another Three Years' in Afghanistan

The U.S. needs to balance troop withdrawal in a way that doesn't destabilize Afghanistan, says Michael O'Hanlon, who is appearing at the Asia Society in New York this week. more
Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., during his time as U.S. Envoy to China. March 8, 2010. (saucy_pan/Flickr)

Foreign Policy on Jon Huntsman's Journey from China to Presidential Hopeful

Asia Society's Orville Schell talks with the magazine about the latest presidential candidate's China experience. more
Dr. Kamiar Alaei poses at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, D.C., June 16, 2011. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Jailed Iranian Doctors Win Award for HIV/AIDS Work

Iranian doctors Arash and Kamiar Alaei, participants in Asia Society's Asia 21 Young Leaders Program, were awarded the 2011 Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights by the Global Health Council on Thursday. more

Metzl: Self Interests Dictate China and Russia's UN Votes on Syria

The U.N. Council has failed to act on the Syrian government's violent crackdown on dissidents, Asia Society's Executive Vice President, Jamie Metzl, weighs in as to why. more