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A Kashmiri protester holds a banner during an anti-India rally in Srinagar on September 11, 2010. The Muslim-majority Kashmir valley has been rocked by unrest since a teenage student was killed by a police tear-gas shell on June 11. (Sajjad Hussain/AFP/Getty Images)

Spotlight on Indian-Administered Kashmir

Anti-Indian separatists in Kashmir are taking the streets to protest the Indian government's control over the region as skirmishes have left 66 civilians killed by Indian authorities since the protests first began in June. more
  	 Afghan municipality workers clear garbage in front of parliamentary election campaign billboards of various candidates in Kabul on September 6, 2010. (Shah Marai/AFP/Getty Images)

Afghanistan Set for Elections

With upcoming parliamentary elections set for Saturday, September 18, Asia Society Executive Vice President Jamie Metzl is doubtful the vote will stop conditions from deteriorating in the country. more
Songs Of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir by Fatima Bhutto (Nation Books, 2010).

Discuss: Fatima Bhutto & the Future of Democracy in Pakistan

Fatima Bhutto's discusses her critically acclaimed book, "Songs of Blood and Sword." more
The Obama Syndrome by Tariq Ali.

Discuss: Is Obama Steering the Country in the Right Direction?

Is Obama is steering the country in the right direction at home and abroad? more
Pakistani Shiite Muslim men help injured blast victims at the site of a suicide bomb attack in Quetta on September 3, 2010. (Banaras Khan/AFP/Getty Images)

Sectarian Violence Rises Amid Floods in Pakistan

Hassan Abbas, Asia Society Bernard Schwartz Fellow, explained that the Pakistani Taliban's attacks on Shiites would not weaken their campaign against the army or Nato. more
Simon Tay, Asia Society Bernard Schwartz Fellow and author of Asia Alone: The Dangerous Post-Crisis Divide from America.

Obama Sets Asean-US Summit for Sidelines of UN Meeting

President Obama plans to meet leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on the sidelines of this month's UN General Assembly session. more
In this frame grab made off undated North Korea's Korean Central Television (KCTV) footage aired on October 11, 2008 North Korean leader Kim Jong Il claps as he inspects a female military unit in North Korea. (Korean Central Television/Yonhap via Getty Images)

North Korea Convenes Rare Party Conference

All eyes are on North Korea this week, as the ruling Korean Workers Party is expected to hold a historic meeting of delegates. more
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks during a press conference in Doha on September 5, 2010 (Karim Jaafar/AFP/Getty Images)

As Iran's President Heads to New York, an Opportunity

Suzanne DiMaggio discusses the ramifications of Iran's President upcoming visit to NY. more
Sri Lankan lawyers carry a makeshift coffin during a protest in Colombo on September 7, 2010 against a draft bill of the constitution that is being rushed through parliament on an urgent basis. (Ishara S. Kodikara/AFP/Getty Images)

Sri Lanka's Growing Authoritarianism

A new amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution may cause a stir in the country's political arena. more