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Worldwide Locations


Dr. William Antholis (L) and Salil Parekh (R)

Inside Out Politics: Emerging Federalism in Asia's Giants

Join us for a conversation with Dr. William Antholis and Salil Parekh as they explore how country-sized provinces and states in the world’s two most populous nations are increasingly becoming global players. more
His Excellency Jalil Abbas Jilani. (Jeff Fantich)

Ambassador Jilani Addresses Tensions in South Asia

His Excellency Jalil Abbas Jilani discusses political transitions and their impact on peace and stability. more
United Nations General Assembly at Asia Society
Asia Society is honored to host world leaders during the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September. more
Husain Haqqani (L) Sudheendra Kulkarni (R) in Mumbai on August 5, 2014. (Asia Society India Centre)

New Leadership, New Relationship

Husain Haqqani and Sudheendra Kulkarni discussed new leadership in India and Pakistan. more
(Hervé BRY/Flickr and Nocternal Oxide/Flickr)

The Changing Face of China and its Impact on the World

Perry Link discusses the recent Chinese boom and reform post Tiananmen Square. more
(springm / Markus Spring/Flickr)

Reconciling Sri Lanka

Honorable Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara discusses efforts to reconcile the Tamil and Sinhalese communities. more

Paulson and Rudd: Asia and the World Order [Sold Out]

A landmark discussion between two of the world’s leading thinkers on Asia, Henry Paulson and Kevin Rudd. more

Political Transitions in South Asia and the Prospect of Peace

Pakistan's Ambassador to the U.S. Jalil Abbas Jilani discusses challenges, opportunities facing current U.S.-Pakistan relations. more

How Afghanistan Can Restore Its Political Credibility and Legitimacy

Panelists Omar Samad, Clare Lockhart, and Hassan Abbas discuss the causes of the controversy surrounding Afghanistan's presidential election and the solutions available to the leading candidates and their supporters. (3 min., 18 sec.) more

Dobbins: Afghanistan Isn't Ready for 'Winner-Take-All' Election

Amb. James Dobbins, U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, explains why Afghanistan presidential candidates should seek a power-sharing arrangement to help settle the current electoral controversy. more