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Climate Change and the Environment
The effects of climate change are more prevalent and dangerous than ever before, but the US plans to withdraw from the Paris Agreement nonetheless. How do educators teach such a topic to students? Here, a plethora of resources. more
2016 was confirmed to be the hottest year on record. (Lukas Schulze/Getty Images)

How Trump’s Paris Decision Marginalizes Washington — Not America

The president's withdrawal from a groundbreaking international climate change accord has galvanized action by subnational groups and corporations. more
Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet American President Donald Trump in Florida on Thursday for a two-day summit. (Fabrice Coffini/AFP/Getty Images)

Four Questions for This Week's Trump-Xi Summit

What to look for as the Chinese and American presidents gather for an informal meeting in Florida. more

Leading the Charge: Strengthening California-China Collaboration on Clean Air and Climate Change (Panel 1)

At the report launch for "A Clear Opportunity: U.S.-China Collaboration on Clean Air," the first set of panelists examines the issues around policy and regulation in both China and California. more

Craig Leeson Discusses His New Film 'A Plastic Ocean' (Complete)

The Hong Kong-based filmmaker Craig Leeson talks about his new documentary. more
President-elect Donald Trump speaks at the USA Thank You Tour 2016 at the Wisconsin State Fair Exposition Center December 13, 2016 in West Allis, Wisconsin. (Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

Memos to Donald Trump, From the Asia Society Family

From climate change to human rights to education, we offer our personal recommendations to the president-elect. more
A factory in Xi'an, China. (Alika Seu / Flickr)
Beating Climate Change Through Innovative Carbon Markets in Northeast Asia
On 17 October 2016, Brink Asia published a piece by ASPI Director of Asian Sustainability Jackson Ewing on how China, Korea, and Japan can fight climate change by linking their carbon markets. more