Slideshow: Rocco Yim's Vision for Hong Kong

NEW YORK, November 17, 2010 - Architect Rocco Yim, a finalist in the competition for Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District architectural plan, appeared at an Asia Society panel (with Hugh Hardy, H3 Collaboration Architecture; Edward Uhlir, Executive Director, Millennium Park, Chicago, and Kristy Edmunds, Consulting Artistic Director, Park Avenue Armory, New York) to discuss how architects and planners can design for cultural institutions and districts around the globe in the 21st century. His cutting-edge plans for West Kowloon are about creating an energy that radiates from ordinary people's activities, which is in turn conducive to a spirit of exploration and discovery.

West Kowloon Cultural District is intended not just for the glorification of certain cultural icons, but to foster a place where different programs, different people, different activities can come together simultaneously, in the same space and at the same time. To learn more about West Kowloon, click here.