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Worldwide Locations


Energy expert argues that India will benefit far more from its Iran pipeline than from its nuclear deal with the US. more

Bill Emmott on his new book, Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India, and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade. more

Sir John Holmes gave a firsthand account of the UN's discussions with Burmese military leaders and their reluctant acceptance of aid. more

The ruling generals say cyclone relief efforts are moving ahead. But reports from aid workers on the ground in Burma tell a different story. more

The main reason for the new mood in Pakistan is the return of a vibrant democratic process. more

A discussion on Afghanistan-Pakistan relations. Moderated by Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. more

Watch the video now. more

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the Asia Society. more

UN Secretary-General calls his brand of diplomacy "a quiet, painstaking, behind-the-scenes slog." more

Journalist Sadanand Dhume on how the best defense against terrorism lies in fostering secularism and enlightenment. more