How North Korea's Rocket Test Changed Geopolitics

Bloomberg Interview with Kevin Rudd

On July 5, 2017, Asia Society Policy Institute President Kevin Rudd spoke with David Gura on “Bloomberg Markets” about North Korea’s new missile capabilities and the gap between the United States and China in how to deal with the North Korean nuclear challenge.

Rudd outlined two crucial shifts in the geopolitical landscape in the wake of North Korea’s first ever, successful, intercontinental ballistic missile launch. First, the launch brings both Alaska and Northern Australia within Pyongyang’s range. Second, following the launch, President Donald Trump posted a tweet this morning that suggested a stand-off in diplomatic relations between the United States and China regarding North Korea.

According to Rudd, at their meeting at Mar-a-Lago, President Xi Jinping and President Trump “bought time” by setting aside three months to make progress. However, the three month period has now concluded, with the United States seeing “the trade numbers [between China and North Korea] going up, and the Chinese not doing anything substantial” to pressure Pyongyang. Rudd stated that it is imperative to “start changing the flow of finance into the North Korean regime.” If the United States and China are unable to work together to make that happen, the repercussions will be felt beyond the immediate region. (2 min., 37 sec.)

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