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Inside the Incredible India

by Nash Cordero
4 September 2012


The second cycle of the Asia in My Pocket has recently been concluded during its sixth and final session, which featured the vibrant society and economy of India. It was held last March 29 at the Kashmir Restaurant.  Speakers were Mr. Ram Sitaldas, Mr. Vishnu Hathiramani and Ms. Abigail Pacquing.

Mr. Ram Sitaldas of the Indian Chambers of Commerce of the Philippines discussed about the economic relation between the Philippines and India, as well as the business environment of the latter.  He also shared his knowledge about the Indian social etiquette.  Mr. Vishnu Hathiramani of Namaste Magazine gave a speech about the way of living India.  He expounded that there are different cultures in India, the same way that there is diversity in the Philippines.  This, he said, makes the two countries easily relate to one another.  After which, Ms. Abigail Pacquing imparted her memorable experiences during her short stay in India for the Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit.

The participants have also tasted the spicy and tasty cuisine of India during their dinner.