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Chinese Innovators: From Shanzai Copycats to Global Brands

Asia Society Northern California and btrax invite you to a special panel presentation that will challenge the stereotype that China produces only cheap or counterfeit goods. Our cross-industry panel of Chinese business leaders — who are revolutionizing China's mainstream reputation through innovative products, strategic partnerships and acquisitions in the U.S. market — will discuss:

  • Factors driving Chinese companies expansion abroad
  • How a 1 billion domestic population influences foreign growth strategy
  • Successes and challenges facing Chinese companies in the U.S. market
  • Comparisons to Japan's transition from cheap manufacturing base to brand leader
  • Evolution of intellectual property protection inside China as companies go global

Confirmed speakers include: Guolin Wang, Executive VP, Huawei American R&D Center; Hanson Li, Managing Director, The Hina Group; Brad Bao, Chief Representative, Tencent America; and Terry Snider, VP of U.S. Sales & Marketing, VanceInfo.

Sponsorship inquiries, or any general questions, can be directed to [email protected].

Co-sponsored by btrax


Event Details

Thu 8 Dec 2011
6:00pm - 8:30pm

PPIC Bechtel Conference Center, 500 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA