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Nara Photo Contest: We Have a Winner!

In celebration of the Asia Society Museum exhibition Yoshitomo Nara: Nobody's Fool, Asia Society conducted an exciting Flickr photo contest earlier this fall. more
A recent study ranks US schools systems 26th in the world, below those of Asian nations.

Video: America's 'Wake-Up Call'

When Americans learned earlier this week that their schooling system lagged significantly behind those in Asian countries like China, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong, President Obama labeled the event as another "Sputnik" moment. more

Photo of the Day: In India, Releasing 'Computer-Related Stress'

An elderly man exercises in a park on the outskirts of New Delhi on December 8, 2010. more
Hong Kong schoolgirls attend a job fair for graduating students. Hong Kong's school system ranked second in the new PISA survey. (Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images)

Vishakha Desai: 'The US Must Learn from Asia'

The rise of education in Asia is no accident, Asia Society President explains. more
Outsourced, on NBC. (

Are Stereotypes in the Media Funny or Just Distasteful?

When it comes to stereotypes, are we more politically correct for some communities and less for others? What's funny and what's just inappropriate? more

Photo of the Day: The Universal Predicament

A boy yawns next to his mother while attending prayers at the Jami al-Hidayah mosque in Jakarta as they arrive for prayers to mark the holiday of the Islamic New Year on December 7, 2010. more
The Melt tracks the receding Himalayan glaciers. Red lines indicate the levels of ice in 1921, compared to today. (Asia Society Center on US-China Relations)

The Melt: How Melting Glaciers Threaten Asia

The Himalayan glaciers are melting, putting people, ecology, and landscapes in peril. more

Photo of the Day

People visit the Shwedagon Paya on December 05, 2010 in Yangon, Myanmar. more

Temporary Marriages in Islam: Fringe Practice or Accepted Custom?

Islamic law allows for "temporary marriages," but are they good for women? more