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A scene from The Melt compares the level of the glaciers in 1921 to 2007. (Asia Society Center on US-China Relations)

Dalai Lama: Climate Change More Urgent than Tibetan Autonomy

In a leaked diplomatic cable the Dalai Lama indicates that climate change needs to be the focus of talks with China. more
The Tryst Betrayed: Reflections on Indian Diplomacy and Development by Jagat Mehta.
India to Strengthen Bonds with Neighbors for Regional Stability
India needs to make stronger efforts in building functional relationships with its neighbors for the country and the region. more

Photo of the Day: Gearing Up for Winter in Kashmir

A winter scene on the outskirts of Srinagar. more
The world of tomorrow is being shaped in our classrooms today. Are our students gaining the knowledge and skills they need? (pixdeluxe/iStockPhoto)

Chinese: The Language of the Future?

Chinese is the language of the future, and to prove it, Voice of America conducted research that proves that Interest in Learning Chinese May be Growing Exponentially. more

Photo of the Day: Civil Defense Drill in South Korea

An emergency service person in chemical protection clothing participates in a civil defense exercise on December 15, 2010 in Paju, South Korea. more

Former Asia Society Chairman Richard Holbrooke Dead at 69

Former Chairman and one of America's most distinguished diplomats, Richard Holbrooke, died in Washington DC at age 69. more

Photo of the Day: In Singapore, a Christmas 2.0

A man looks through a magnifying glass inside a six-story-high, LED-based decorated Christmas tree in front of Ion shopping mall on Singapore's Orchard Road on December 11, 2010. more

Asia21 Fellow: 'Let's Talk'

Asia Society's 5th annual Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit took place last weekend at the InterContinental Hotel in Jakarta, and brought together over 150 young leaders from 26 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. more