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At least a million protestors sing Egypt's national anthem at Sidi Gaber, Alexandria on February 1, 2011. (Al Jazeera English)

Watching Cairo from Kabul and Karachi

The spectacular developments in Egypt are being projected and interpreted in Asia in a variety of ways. more

Ridding India of Firenghis? New Visa Policy Ousts Foreigners Earning Less Than $25k

The Indian government recently began enforcing a mandate that foreign nationals working in the country must earn above $25,000. more
A statue, possibly of the Buddha, recovered at Mes Aynak where an international team of Afghan and French archaeologists are working to secure the site. (Joannie Meharry)

UPDATE: Afghan Buddhist Site to be Spared Destruction

A new agreement by the Afghan government seeks to preserve the Buddhist archaeological site of Mes Aynak. more
Egyptian protestors hold their national flag during demonstration in Cairo on January 25, 2011 demanding the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak (Al Jazeera).

Asia Heeds Lessons from Egypt and Tunisia

Asia Society experts Jamie Metzl Philip Shishkin discuss demonstrations in Egypt and lessons for Asia. more