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Does the U.S. have responsibility in urging China to enforce safer labor laws?

America is not able to

America is not able to dictate labour rules or human rights responsibility to other societies. Democracy means to respects other cultures and societies.

We must continue to lead by

We must continue to lead by example. We must be diligent and expose those that abuse an individual’s right to fair wages and shoddy working environment. Cheap resources get Cheap and inferior product.

To think that we American's

To think that we American's can dictate through our economic or social influence and power, the Chinese Culture and Way is not even considered a possibility. We should focus on our responsibility to our society not theirs. What we should be doing is closing the strategic emerging technology information fire hose that is now open to anyone with a PC in their hands, We are going to wish we had done that shortly as the USA becomes a more a debtor nation.

Urging is the key word here.

Urging is the key word here. unfortunately it is as impotent as America's own labor laws. Responsibility begins at home. As long as America and Americans continue to purchase cheap, shoddy and dangerous goods from China, nothing will change.

The country with the largest

The country with the largest population in the world and what is now the fastest expanding economy owes a better labor standards and treatment for its citizens. They have made tremendous sacrifices under an oppressive regime and have brought out this remarkable performance which is an envy of the world. The government and business community owes its success to the vast number of ill treated labor class. There is no excuse to improving their condition at work or in their homes..