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Word from Asia: Contemporary Writing from Korea

by Rachel Rosado
2 May 2011

April 30, 2011 - Asia Society kicked off a day of literary events on Saturday
with Word from Asia: Contemporary Writing
from Korea
. The panel was moderated by
Bruce Fulton
, renowned Korean-to-English translator. He began by introducing the people and events that have help found modern
Korean literature. He was then joined by Susan
, a Korean-American writer, and Young-Ha
, one of the most talented modern Korean writers.

Choi and Kim are two very different writers, with Choi
representing the Korean diaspora and Kim ensconced in the literary world of Korea. Yet they
had much to discuss, such as the experiences that led them to become writers,
the difficulties of breaking into the literary world and the struggles of
translation. The event was a part of PEN World Voices, which aims to introduce new voices from various cultures into the
American literary world.