Photos: Asia Society Celebrates Nowruz

Nowruz, the Persian New Year that marks the beginning of the spring, was celebrated at Asia Society on Saturday with traditional music, dance and crafts from Central Asia and Iran. The day of festivities included a performance by J-Hoon Musical Ensemble, a Kurdish youth dance company from New York City, as well as music from Hani Niroo Ava Nazar, Yahya Alkhansa and Martin Shamoonpour. These performers played traditional songs as Sara Nodjoumi entertained the crowd with interactive stories about Nowruz. 

Children and families also indulged in array of festive activities including "Chaharshanbeh Suri" (fire jumping), egg decorating, making clay fish, creating a shared Haft-Seen (a celebratory table spread), decorating Haft-Seen crowns, and tile decorating.