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4 April
A transcript of a talk by Thomas L. Friedman, author of The World is Flat 3.0: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century.
28 September
Speech by H.E. Dr. Kamal Kharrazi, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
20 June
The <em>Reading Lolita in Tehran</em> author on cultural exchange, Western stereotyping, and misunderstanding Edward Said.
10 June
"Islamic studies show us that Islam has no incompatibility with human rights," argues the Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner.
8 June
A speech by Nobel Peace Prize-winner Shirin Ebadi.
12 December
Concert highlights: Kyaw Kyaw Naing joins the Hsaing Waing Ensemble for a performance of traditional Burmese music.
14 October
Transcript of simultaneous satellite panel discussions between New York and New Delhi.
3 October
How the country's intravenous drug epidemic helped spread the disease, and what's being done to fight both.
2 October
Panel discussion on a documentary about children caught in conflict zones.
22 September
The author of 'The Storyteller's Daughter' describes how hard it is to convey the reality of Afghanistan to Western readers and audiences.