Daughter Anoushka Shankar and Philip Glass offer tributes, personal recollections in ceremony recognizing India's sitar legend.
McKinsey Asia's Gordon Orr discusses developments in, and potential obstacles for, Chinese innovation.
Leading scholars discuss the cross-cultural meanings of survivor, witness, and testimony in Primo Levi's writings.
A filmmaker jams with sights and sounds of Tokyo.
Opposing points of view address the issue of microfinance as a for-profit enterprise.
Leading scholars explore how translation alters the meanings of key words in political culture.
Acclaimed photographer discusses earliest inspiration and more recent attraction to scientific themes.
McKinsey's Mumbai director Shirish Sankhe shares big numbers projected for India's urban growth.
Frank Dikotter's new research uncovers the darkest consequences of Mao's most notorious experiment.
Video: Artist shares insights into recent 'Lightning Fields' series.

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