"He was close to despair at the end of his life, and yet he didn't give up," argues Joseph Lelyveld.
"At home I felt like a pretty worldly guy; now I feel like I fell off a turnip truck," memoirist says of expat experience.
No matter the disasters, leading experts expect Japan's traditional resilience to come through.
Conor Grennan relates his quest to redeem Nepalese child soldiers.
Two Japanese artists representing two different generations share insights into their art and Japanese culture since the 1950s.
Experts specify measures to counter growing economic nationalism, protectionism at New York launch event.
The renowned women's rights activist cites "a very clear message" from her formative experiences in India.
UNESCO Director Irina Bokova offers spirited defense of culture's place in an increasingly globalized world.
Colin Thubron reads from and discusses To a Mountain in Tibet, a combination travel book and memoir.
Experts explain how the 'great game' is alive and well with new players in this volatile, troubled region.

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