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14 December
Delhi campaigner alleges, "The Indian government has really followed a very colonial way of managing our natural resources."
17 November
"Patience," counsels the author of <em>Waiting</em>.
18 October
A discussion oo two films on sexual violence against Asian children.
8 September
Speech by President Jiang Zemin of the People's Republic of China.
7 September
Speech by Goh Chok Tong, Prime Minister of Singapore.
18 August
The author of <em>Never Let Me Go</em> and <em>The Remains of the Day</em> reflects on enduring themes in his work.
28 July
Speech by Philippine President Joseph Ejercito Estrada.
17 July
The acclaimed musical group Altai-Hangai on their unique sound, instruments, and one particular fan - Yo-Yo Ma.
30 May
A speech by Asma Jahangir, founder of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission.
28 September
Transcript of speech by the Hon Alexander Downer MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs.