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7 September
Speech by Goh Chok Tong, Prime Minister of Singapore.
18 August
The author of <em>Never Let Me Go</em> and <em>The Remains of the Day</em> reflects on enduring themes in his work.
28 July
Speech by Philippine President Joseph Ejercito Estrada.
18 July
The acclaimed musical group Altai-Hangai on their unique sound, instruments, and one particular fan - Yo-Yo Ma.
30 May
A speech by Asma Jahangir, founder of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission.
28 September
Transcript of speech by the Hon Alexander Downer MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs.
15 July
Remarks by the Honorable John Howard MP, Prime Minister of Australia. Read the transcript.
13 January
Speech by The Honorable Cyrus R. Vance, Former US Secretary of State.
28 September
Speech by Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran
7 April
A speech by Jon S. Corzine, governor of New Jersey and former Goldman Sachs chairman and CEO, on the Asian financial crisis.