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17 September
Author Shashi Tharoor discusses the changes that have taken place in India to transform this once sleeping giant into an emerging world leader.
11 September
Zhang Huan talks with Asia Society about the phases of his constantly evolving artistic career in Beijing, New York, and Shanghai. Watch the video.
25 July
East meets West as children from Bali and the National Dance Institute join in a brand new kind of performance. Watch the video.
18 July
Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang on the importance of teaching young people. Watch the video now.
20 June
President Nguyen Minh Triet discusses human rights and the WTO. Watch the video.
23 May
Video interview with Dr. Gao Yaojie, internationally honored 80-year-old AIDS activist.
6 May
The senator speaks out on Afghanistan, Iraq and world nuclear (in)stability...and the presidency? Watch the video.
31 October
Discussion with Leslie Stahl and Senator John Edwards.
10 October
How should Asia prepare for the next great pandemic?