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12 September
GE India President and CEO Tejpreet Chopra examines the challenges and opportunities businesses face in the world’s second-largest country.
9 September
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah pins hopes on 2009 presidential elections in Afghanistan. Listen to audio interview.
12 August
Over 93 percent of children in India are enrolled in schools, yet almost half cannot even read or write in the fifth grade.
9 July
The Economist Beijing Bureau Chief James Miles discusses his experience covering China for 15 years since 1986.
2 July
Pakistani lawyers' leader says it's time for the US to stop supporting Musharraf.
17 June
Bill Emmott on his new book, Rivals: How the Power Struggle Between China, India, and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade.
14 June
Poets, writers, musicians, and historians gather for a historic Asia Society event exploring India's influence on the Beat Generation.
10 June
Panel provides context for Asia Society Museum exhibit of Ardeshir Mohasses's work.
9 June
The Chinese government faces challenges in August as it prepares to host nearly 30,000 domestic and international journalists.
9 June
Sir John Holmes gave a firsthand account of the UN's discussions with Burmese military leaders and their reluctant acceptance of aid.