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12 July
Maya Soetoro-Ng discusses family ties and her late mother in a talk with Asia Society President Vishakha Desai.
11 July
Asia Society New York hosted Asian officials in conjunction with the September 2012 opening of the United Nations General Assembly.
11 July
Educator and author Maya Soetoro-Ng joins Asia Society President Vishakha Desai for a wide-ranging talk on her life and her commitment to global learning and peace education.
5 July
Performing in New York, Arieb Azhar offers his own take on the beloved Sufi classic.
5 July
Pakistani musician Arieb Azhar discusses his career and his cosmopolitan outlook on music with Asia Society's Rachel Cooper.
3 July
Noori is touring the United States this summer as a part of the Center Stage tour. Watch the Asia Society's interview with Noori here.
2 July
A look at some of the cultural context behind Pakistani singer-songwriter Arieb Azhar's music, ahead of his July 3 performance in New York City's River to River Festival.
29 June
Veteran newsman Dan Rather joins a panel of experts to assess what lessons America's education system can take from Asia.
25 June
"He has never made any programmatic statement, he's never come out in favor of anything — and that is why he got where he is," the Pulitzer Prize-winner said at Asia Society in New York.
25 June
Ian Johnson, Roderick MacFarquhar and moderator Orville Schell speculate about what China's near future might conceivably look like.