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Music and Dance from Mongolia

(Naranzogt Tschuluun)

Please note: this event is now sold out.

Mongolia produces some the most exuberant music in the world. Twenty of Mongolia’s most illustrious dancers and musicians will share their rich artistic traditions in a program that reflects Mongolia’s unique and vibrant culture. The program includes throat singing, long song, morin khuur and Mongolian folk music featuring the horse-head fiddle.

The National Horse-head Fiddle ensemble was established in 1992. In addition to becoming the pride of Mongolian cultural and artistic heritage, they also became an ensemble reputed worldwide.

A reception will follow the performance in Asia Society's Garden Court Cafe.


Event Details

Fri 28 Oct 2011
8:00pm - 10:00pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Please note: this event is now sold out.