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Lunch/Discussion with Michael Auslin: "Japan and America in the Age of Obama"

Michael Auslin

As the US-Japan alliance turns 50 years old in 2010, both Tokyo and Washington are grappling with challenges ranging from economic recession to domestic political realignment. At the same time, the alliance must respond to changes in the Asia-Pacific region, including the rise of China, continued tension with North Korea, and increased multilateralism driven by groups such as ASEAN. With political paralysis dogging Japan's politics and the US focus on the Middle East, how will US-Japanese relations evolve under the Obama Administration? What will be the effect on relations if the changes in the relationship have on events in Asia? Michael Auslin will discuss these and other questions. Dr. Auslin has published numerous articles on US-Japanese relations. His background enables him to make sense of the uncertainties that currently prevail in East Asia with regard to North Korean missiles.


Event Details

Tue 7 Jul 2009
8:15am - 10:00am

Woman's National Democratic Club 1526 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC

Members $25, nonmembers $30.