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Dastangoi: The Adventures of Amir Hamza

Magic, sorcery, warriors and tricksters come together in the vividly told stories of The Adventures of Amir Hamza, The traditional storyteller's art comes alive as he renders the trials and triumphs of the Prophet Muhammad's uncle, creating a fascinating world through a combination of poetry and acting. The eminent film actor, Naseeruddin Shah, along with Mahmood Farooqi and Daanish Hussain, perfom Dastangoi. Hailed by critics as 'an enthralling revival of a dying tradition,' Dastangoi is a rich form of traditional, dramatized Urdu storytelling that dates back to medieval Iran (Persia) which has recently regained cricital acclaim due to the work of distinguished scholar Mahmood Farooqi. (in Urdu with English subtitles)


Event Details

Sun 7 Jun 2009 - Mon 8 Jun 2009
3:30pm - 5:30pm

725 Park Avenue, New York, NY

$22, 30