Billions of Entrepreneurs: Conversations with Tarun Khanna

Professor Tarun Khanna (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)
Professor Tarun Khanna (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society)

NEW YORK - China and India currently operate in the global economy as mirror images of each other—one favors multinationals over indigenous private companies, the other advantages its locals and shuns foreigners. Harvard Business School Professor Tarun Khanna was joined at the Asia Society by China and India business experts Clay Chandler and Mira Kamdar in a discussion about his just-published book Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India are Reshaping Their Futures and Yours, which addresses this trend and many others.

The panelists explored the likely evolution of the Chinese and Indian business models and the implications for the region and the world. While they agreed that the rise of China and India is an opportunity for both profit and hope, and maintained that both countries had much to learn from each other, they held varying views as to the viability of specific regional business models.

Clay Chandler, Asia Editor, FORTUNE
Mira Kamdar, Bernard Schwartz Fellow, Asia Society
Tarun Khanna, Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor, Harvard Business School

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A Conversation with Tarun Khanna
Tarun Khanna is a professor at Harvard Business School and the author of Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India are Reshaping Their Futures and Yours, in which he discusses the importance of entrepreneurs in the growth of these two booming Asian economies.

What is the role of entrepreneurship in the growth of India and China? How are two of the fastest-growing societies in the world reinventing themselves? How do the two economies compare, and should the world be wary of their rise? In this interview Professor Khanna talks to Asia Society's Nermeen Shaikh about what he terms a "book of hope," arguing that the rise of India and China provides endless grounds for optimism.

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