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Executive Offices

Josette Sheeran, President and CEO

Tom Nagorski, Executive Vice President, Programming

Don Nagle, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Khushali Shah, Chief Operations Officer

Mirza Burgos, Senior Executive Associate, Office of the President

Elizabeth Lancaster, Board Secretary and Senior Executive Associate, Office of the President

Katerina Ragoussi-Jacobs, Deputy Board Secretary and Executive Coordinator


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Arts and Culture



Boon Hui Tan, Vice President of Global Arts & Cultural Programs and Director of Asia Society Museum

Nancy Blume, Head of Arts Education

Leise Hook, Manager, Museum Publications & Editor 

Marion Kocot, Deputy Director

Jennifer Lima, Associate Registrar

Kelly Ma, Manager, Arts and Culture Special Initiatives

Sarah McCaffery, Executive Associate

Clare McGowan, Senior Registrar and Collections Manager

Nick Pozek, Manager, Arts and Culture Digital Strategy

Adriana Proser, John H. Foster Senior Curator for Traditional Asian Art

Hiro Sato, Installation Manager

Masako Shiba, Development Manager, Arts & Culture & Special Initiatives

Michelle Yun, Senior Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art

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Cultural Programs

Rachel Cooper, Director, Global Performing Arts and Special Cultural Initiatives

Anne Kirkup, Administrative Manager

Rachel Rosado, Assistant Director, Cultural Programs and Performing Arts

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Business and Policy


Asia Society Policy Institute

Kevin Rudd, President

Joa Alexander, Program Officer

Alison Angoff, Program Associate (Washington, D.C.)

Jacob Bell, Program Officer (Washington, D.C.)

Wendy Cutler, Vice President and Managing Director of the Washington, D.C. Office

Debra Eisenman, Executive Director

Jackson Ewing, Director of Asian Sustainability

Lindsey Ford, Director of Asian Security and Richard Holbrooke Fellow (Washington, D.C.)

Anubhav Gupta, Assistant Director

Patrick Ingle, Special Assistant and Advisor to the President

Sarah Marten, Senior Executive Associate

Jing Qian, Advisor and Research Fellow

Minyoung Shin, Senior Program Officer

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Center on U.S.-China Relations

Orville Schell, Arthur Ross Director

Jessica Batke, Senior Editor, ChinaFile

Laura Chang, Associate Director, U.S. Programs

Susan Jakes, Editor, ChinaFile

Michael Laha, U.S.-China Dialogue Fellow

Jonathan Landreth, Managing Editor, ChinaFile

Bin Ouyang, Associate Director, China Programs

Sara Segal-Williams, Assistant Director

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Global Initiatives Group

Sanjeev Sherchan, Executive Director

John Hwang, Assistant Director, Policy Programs and Global Initiatives

Yoshie Ito, Assistant Director, Business Programs and Global Initiatives

Hee Chung Kim, Associate Director

Morgan Leuprecht, Program Associate, Public Programs and Conferences

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Center for Global Education

Anthony Jackson, Vice President, Education; and Director, Center for Global Education

Wendy Blankenburg, Executive Associate, International Studies Schools Network

Neelam Chowdhary, Director, Global Learning Program

Robert de Picciotto, Assistant Director, China Learning Initiatives  

Kate Farmer, Associate Director, School Partnerships

Yang Guo, Program Associate, China Learning Initiatives

Anne Hilton, Assistant Director, Digital Strategy

Apoorvaa Joshi, Executive Associate

Jessica Kehayes, Executive Director

Heather Loewecke, Senior Program Manager, Global Learning Beyond School

Alexis Menten, Executive Director, Program Development

Douglas Sessions, Executive Director, International Studies Schools Network

Heather Singmaster, Associate Director

Jayne Madamba Speich, Production Manager

Lisa Tyrrell, Director, International Studies Schools Network

Jeff Wang, Advisor to the President; and Director, China Learning Initiatives

Yiwei Zhu, Senior Program Associate

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Communications, Marketing and Online

Elaine Merguerian, Director

Christine Hsieh, Communications and Marketing Manager

Clara Lambert, Graphic Designer

Juan Machado, Assistant Director, Media Relations

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Dan Washburn, Director and Chief Content Officer

Eric Fish, Content Producer

Michelle FlorCruz, Content Producer

Megan MacMurray, Associate Director of Technology

Salvador Pantoja, Video Producer

Matt Schiavenza, Senior Content Manager 

Leeza Walkes, Web Developer

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Corporate and Finance

Kevin Hogan, Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Assessment

Wendy Wei, Controller

Meila Ip, Accountant

Jenny Kim, Manager, Budget and Grant Reporting

Karman Li, Staff Accountant

Jenny Tan, Accountant

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External Affairs

Christine Davies, Vice President, Global Partnerships and Development

Ping An, Executive Director, Strategic Development Initiatives - China

Mirae Baik, Manager, Global Talent Initiatives

Erin Bradbury, Chief of Staff to the President and Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships

Alexandra Caulfield, Development Assistant

Shayne Doty, Managing Director, Philanthropy

Andrea Frodema, Executive Director, Institutional Relations

Eugenia Gabelia, Manager, Foundation and Government Partnerships

Erik Hyman, Assistant Director, Individual Engagement and Corporate Partnerships

Frances Linton, Assistant Director, Strategic Development Initiatives

David Whitelaw Reid, Executive Director, Global Talent Initiatives

Shane Williams-Ness, Executive Director, Development

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Anne Godshall, Chief Merchandising Officer

Lisa Falotico, Sales Manager

Alan Fox, Sales Supervisor

Jami Fritz - Sales Associate

Insuk Michiue,Sales Associate

Jami Park, Sales Associate

Lauren Smith, Buyer, Books and Media

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Building Services

George Papamichael, Director, Building and Security Services

Lincoln Burton, Building Services Manager

Raul Camacho, Office Operations Manager

John Hazoglou, Maintenance Associate

Fritz Pascal, Maintenance Associate

Luis Perez, Maintenance Associate

John Poyotte, Maintenance Associate

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Data Strategy and Information Management

Kunal Shah, Director

Tiffany Ramotar, Manager, Database Services

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Events & Visitor Services

Hesh Sarmalkar, Director

Eric DeArmon, AV Systems Manager

William Fraser, Box Office and Visitor Services Assistant

Amanda Laguer-Ferrer - Visitor Services & Events Assistant

Ricardo Soares, Events Coordinator

Suzanne Scocozzo, Box Office and Visitor Services Coordinator 

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Human Resources

Chris Lawrence, Director

Miriam Bentitou, Human Resources Manager

Jacqueline Meyer, Volunteer and Recruitment Manager

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Information Services

Abbas Rezvi, Director

Cooper Lund, Systems Administrator

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Security Services

Robert Brooks, Security Officer

Lynn Laws, Security Officer

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