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popular culture

Between Yogis and Gurus, It May be Time to Get Smart
Mira Kamdar on yogis, gurus, and Mike Myers' latest parody. more
Chicken satay with peanut sauce (Elsa Ruiz/Asia Society).
From Soy to Satay: Asian Sauces Going Mainstream
Culinary fans and food experts get "saucy" at the Asia Society. more
Indique: Untold Stories of Contemporary India
Bollywood meets rugby, snake boat races in the "Venice of the East," and India's wine country. more
Sanjaya: Giving Them Something to Talk About
What was it about American Idol's Sanjaya that provoked such intense reactions? more
Daniel Dae Kim at the 2005 Hawaii International Film Festival (hawaii/flickr)
Daniel Dae Kim Gets Lost
The TV star confesses, "I am very aware of playing stereotypes and trying to stay away from those." more
The History of the Tattoo
Emiko Omori discusses his documentary Skin Stories and tattooing in South Pacific cultures. more