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Blood from a skull: cover art for "The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction, Volume II."

Pulp Fiction, Tamil-Style!

South India's wild and wonderful potboilers are finally becoming available in English. more
First published in October 2008, Kulinarya is now on its fifth printing.
Kulinarya recipe 'Sisig' gets featured in Esquire UK
Photographer Dan Bailey offers his take on Tokyo's fashion subculture, in particular what he sees as the all-encompassing Harajuku look. (1 min., 2 sec.)
Young, Rebellious, Stylish: Tokyo! Look!
Tokyo is a living laboratory for experimentation in youth taste and fashion. more
Feng Shui for Your Dorm Room
Apply the elements of feng shui to your dorm room—and it may just improve your grades. more
(Megu Modern Japanese Cuisine)
NYC's Restaurant Week Served Up Asian Style
Check out our top picks for Asian cuisine during New York restaurant week, July 12-25. more
Author Rafe Bartholomew discusses his new book on basketball mania in the Philippines. (Video from Penguin USA, 2 min., 44 sec.)
Pacific Rims: Interview with Author Rafe Bartholomew
Author Rafe Bartholomew talks about the Philippines' unlikely love affair with basketball, the subject of his new book. more
Tina Kim, Samson Koletkar, and Edwin Li share their perspectives on stand-up comedy in San Francisco on May 13, 2010. (4 min., 41 sec.)
Beyond 'Ching-Chong,' or The Changing Face of Comedy
Stereotyping is no laughing matter - but mothers will always be funny, say Asian American comedians. more
Guests at Asia Society's APA Heritage Month Kick-Off Party, April 27, 2010. (Suzanna Finley)
APA Heritage Month Haiku Contest
We have a winner! But keep your haikus coming, and let us know why being Asian American rocks. more