Guests included a 13-year-old guitar sensation, Korea's Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, and some rocking percussionists from a school in Korea's DMZ.
German Ambassador cites his own country's experience with reunification in discussing a North-South reunion.
Canada's Ambassador shows himself to be equally versed at dealing with both North and South Korea.
Okada Katsuya, the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, meets with ASKC Board members and Korean business leaders.
American journalist delves into the lives of refugees from North Korea.
Speaking in Seoul, leading US Chamber of Commerce figure argues for the US-Korea free trade agreement.
Prime Minister's talk and Charles Dickens are two highlights of the event.
A Goldman Sachs economist assesses the potential costs, and benefits, of a reunited Korean peninsula.
Warm greetings from the Asia Society Korea Center!
British Ambassador speaks on Korea's role in tackling climate change and the global economic downturn simultaneously.

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