Asia Society Korea, in partnership with Lotte Shopping’s Culture Center and the Indian Culture Centre, held the third class of its international cooking series.
Asia Society Korea was invited to attend the 2017 Philippine Food Festival, which was hosted by the Philippine Embassy in Seoul.
Asia Society Korea held its final Monthly Luncheon before taking a break for the summer by hosting a panel discussion with foreign journalists.
If the whales, China and the United States, are in conflict, Koreans believe they will suffer the most.
The most recent addition to Korea’s UNESCO World Heritage catalog is the Baekje Historic Areas, put on the famed list in July 2015.
By Daniel A. Pinkston, Ph.D., Troy University
Asia Society Korea continued its cooking class program on Monday by teaming up with the Embassy of Sri Lanka.
For the next installment in our UNESCO World Heritage Series, the Asia Society made a trip to Hwaseong Fortress in the city of Suwon, Korea’s second largest municipality after Seoul.
Asia Society Korea launched its international cooking class program in partnership with Lotte Shopping’s Culture Center and the Embassy of Spain.
The Latvian ambassador His Excellency Peteris Vaivars caught up with Asia Society Korea to talk about his first few months in the role and what the embassy hopes achieve in the future.

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