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6 July
Mexico's Ambassador to South Korea promotes economic liberalization in a luncheon address.
19 April
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions are the way forward for Korean businesses, says Samjong KPMG's Chairman.
6 April
National Assembly member Na Kyung-won tells women to "refocus" their approach to leadership.
17 March
Asia Society Korea Center has established a disaster relief fund for Japan and would like to invite their members to join them.
15 March
Israeli Ambassador covers 2000 years of history before assessing potential for peace.
24 February
A complete overview shows the range of Asia Society Korea Center's public programs in the year 2010.
24 February
H.E. Skand Ranjan Tayal, India's Ambassador to Korea, highlights India's many "silent" and peaceful internal revolutions, ranging from food production to labor rights.
20 January
South Africa’s Ambassador emphasizes need for Korean government and private investors to take a fresh approach to the African continent.
10 December
ASKC's most recent holiday gala continues its commitment to children's causes.
30 November
New Zealand's Ambassador tells Seoul audience that his country is more than just a pretty place.