International School of the Americas

Students at the Apartheid Museum in South Africa. Photo courtesy of the school.
Students at the Apartheid Museum in South Africa. Photo courtesy of the school.

At the International School of the Americas students are immersed in a collaborative, relationship-driven environment where all students are provided with an honors-level curriculum and the extra academic support required to succeed at this challenge. The learning is interdisciplinary with an emphasis placed upon a real world application of the skills and content. All students participate in international travel, community service, a career-exploration internship, and a final portfolio assessment of their learning at the conclusion of their senior year. It is a dynamic learning environment that also serves as a professional development school for Trinity University, mentoring new teachers into the teaching profession.

ISA’s small size and structure provide the sense of not just community but family. Relationships are fostered through intentional practices to build deep learning, real support, and honest dialogue. Students and teachers feel supported, valued, and empowered.

Teachers and students value relationships, appreciate diversity, accept differences, take risks, and help students set and achieve individualized goals for learning. Students are known and individual accommodations are made for learning styles, differences, talents, and interests. 

Teachers design curricular and pedagogical experiences, enact grade-level teaming, integrate curriculum within and between the disciplines, facilitate communication with families, and lead students in travel.  Through authentic, performance-based learning, students grapple with complex questions, look at multiple perspectives, make judicious decisions, and find solutions not only for themselves but also for the world community.

Students are provided equal access to ISA via an open application process with lottery selection, heterogeneous grouping, and the expectation that all students will meet a high academic standard.  Enrichment experiences including travel, field trips, internships, and community service are available to all students regardless of socioeconomic constraints.  The doors of learning are open to all students at ISA.


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